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Cannes 893

MS 893 Based in Cannes, France....

This tail dragger is the Rallye 235C Gabier with a Lycoming 0-540..

Rallye Warbird - This Guerrier appears to be fitted with rockets.
Some models are equipped with two 7.62 machine guns.

This El Salvadoran Air Force Rallye appears to be unarmed.

This 1972 Rallye Minerva -
MS 894A has the 220 HP Franklin 6 cylinder engine.

Yep. It’s a Koliber 160.
A Rallye by any other name....

What rhymes with Ag Rallye?

Taildrag Rallye!

Viva la France!  Yellow Rallyes are used to train naval student pilots.

MS885 Silver Super Rallye -    At home on the Pampas in Argentina.

SwedishRallye On Ice - Very Nice!

Sparkling Quebec Rallye - Un petit bijou!

MS 885 currently residing in Guadaloupe, French West Indies