Rallye Resources

Hands down, the absolute best resource for Rallye owners and pilots is the Rallye List. This list was established several years ago by Pete Snipe from the RallyeClub in England, and is still kept current by many contributors around the world!  To date, hundreds of messages have been posted by members, talking about their Rallye experiences, and sharing their corporate knowledge. This is a great place to go with questions regarding flying and maintaining a Rallye, or to find the location of the next Rallye fly-in..

Some of the larger Rallyes use the powerful 220 HP Franklin 350 cubic inch six-cylinder engine.  About 20 years ago, Franklin (and foreign partner PZL) suffered a series of business reversals and briefly went out of production.  Consequently, Franklins are not well known by some younger A&Ps, who wrongly believe that parts can be hard to find.  In the last few years, however, this situation in the US has undergone a complete 180 turn, and has greatly improved.  Franklin Engines is back in business in the USA, and you can check out their webpage at A-1 Service, centrally located Jewitt, Texas.  They offer a complete line of original O.E. and new P.M.A. parts, and can help with repairs, overhauls, and prepurchase inspections.  To find out more, check out their webpage, or call Susan Prall at (903) 626 - 5210.

Airframe parts for the Rallye are widely available, also.  SOCATA, the Rallye manufacturer, has continuously remained in business, and is now building the famous TBM series of turboprops in the same factory in France.  The various TBM affiliates can supply common parts from warehouses in the USA, or get harder to find parts from Europe.  SOCATA is represented in the western US byAVEX in Camarillo, California, who can be reached at (800) 475 – 1057, and on the east coast, in Florida, at SOCATA Gammes .

Finally, for a good refresher on the physics of flying, see John S. Denker’s online book, モSee How It Flies.ヤ, which is absolutely superb!