Rallye ADs

Airworthiness Directives

Here are links to FAA ADs

Fuel Pump Emergency AD and PZL Service Bulletin
Engine Mounts
Rudder Clevis
Nose Wheel Axle
Wing Flap Controls
Stick Control/Floor Boot Interference
Horizontal Stablizer Brackets
Brackett Air Filters
Hoffman Propeller
Vacuum System
Carb Heat Flap Screws
MS 894A Carb Heat
MS 894A Electrovalve Outlet/Inlet Fuel Lines
MS 880B Battery Overheat
Engine Fire/Flexible Fuel Line Install
Battery Fires/Plate Install
ASI Airspeed Limit Markings
Flames/Gases Entering Cabin
Rocker Oil Return Pipe Wear
Landing Gear Wheel Cracks
Elevator Bell Crank Failure
Fuel Tank Fire
Engine Cowl Latch Failure
Hartzell Propellers
Marvel Schebler Carburetors
MS Carbs Throttle Arm Tie Wire